The PRINT® Technology

The PRINT® technology is a proprietary system capable of engineering highly precise microparticle and nanoparticle systems.  Unlike self-assembled particle systems or harsh micronization techniques, the PRINT technology offers the unique ability to rationally design precise particles of virtually any size, shape and chemistry, including small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), biologic APIs, and polymeric drug delivery systems (e.g. extended-release formulations).

Using the PRINT technology, particle size and shape can be engineered to influence biodistribution, cellular uptake, intracellular localization, surface deposition, and many other performance parameters.  Similarly, the chemical flexibility of the PRINT technology offers many potential advantages, such as tunable release kinetics, targeting chemistries, improved drug/cargo loading, delivery of sensitive cargos like peptides and nucleic acids, and combination products.  In each case, the goal is to create novel particle-based products that offer patients and physicians safer and more effective medical therapies.  Below is a summary of the ophthalmology applications enabled by the PRINT technology:

Extended-Release Therapeutics

Using the PRINT technology and advanced techniques in polymer science, Envisia is focused on developing safe and effective therapeutics based on biocompatible polymers that enable the delivery of medicines with extended-release kinetics.  Envisia has the unique ability to design and fabricate biodegradable PRINT particle implants that can be placed in specific compartments of the eye in order to optimize therapeutic index and dosing.  Also, because each particle is manufactured with the same size, shape and chemistry, the PRINT particle implants are being designed to have unparalleled lot-to-lot and dose-to-dose consistency.

Topical Therapies

Topical therapies are well established and are widely used as an approach to treating ocular disease. Despite their popularity, topical therapies are subject to many limitations that could prevent a patient from achieving the full therapeutic benefit, including frequent dosing, limited efficacy, and poor patient compliance.

By leveraging the ability to rationally design particles, including their shape and chemistry, Envisia is creating particulate delivery systems that could potentially offer topical therapies with enhanced retention and tolerability. Such advancements could allow for the delivery of topical therapies with improved therapeutic index using fewer doses and result in improved patient compliance and therapeutic outcomes.

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