Envisia As many as 285 million people suffer from disease-related visual impairments and blindness,1 but an estimated 80 percent of these visual impairments are actually preventable2.  With sales of more than $15 billion in 2014, the global ophthalmology therapeutics market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 7 percent to reach nearly $25 billion in sales by 2020 – a rate that is twice that of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.3 Unfortunately, the safety and effectiveness of many medical therapies for ocular disorders are limited due to poor drug uptake, non-specificity to target tissues, systemic side effects, or poor adherence to therapy. With a rapidly aging population, the unmet medical needs of patients with ocular disease are becoming even more pronounced. As a result, patients and physicians are seeking improved ocular therapeutics that can significantly enhance patient outcomes and convenience.

In 2013, Liquidia Technologies spun out Envisia Therapeutics, a new company committed to engineering the future of ophthalmology. At Envisia, a talented team of scientists is harnessing the unique characteristics of a revolutionary product development technology to create novel therapeutics that can address critical unmet needs in ophthalmology and transform the treatment of ocular disease.

To address these critical unmet needs, Envisia is using the proprietary PRINT® technology to rationally design and manufacture micro- and nanoparticle systems. Unlike self-assembled particle systems or harsh micronization techniques, the PRINT technology offers the unique ability to rationally design precise particles of virtually any size, shape and chemistry, including small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), biologic APIs, nucleic acids and polymeric drug delivery systems (e.g. extended release formulations). Also, because each particle is manufactured with precision, the PRINT particles and implants have been designed to have unparalleled lot-to-lot and dose-to-dose consistency. These particles are designed and manufactured with the goal of next-generation therapeutics that have improved delivery, safety and efficacy.

Envisia and Liquidia are independent companies with distinct areas of focus, dedicated teams and independent funding.

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