Envisia is leveraging advanced techniques from the microelectronics industry to develop cutting-edge therapeutics that have the potential to transform the treatment of ocular disease.


Envisia’s lead product candidate, ENV515, is a fully biodegradable PRINT® particle formulation of a marketed prostaglandin analog travoprost that has the potential to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) for more than six months from a single dose and may be effective in addressing the issue of poor patient compliance that exists today with daily eye drops.

Envisia is conducting a Phase 2a clinical study to investigate the safety and efficacy of ENV515 in glaucoma patients. The second cohort (low dose formulation) has completed enrollment, and safety and efficacy data at the 3-month time point is expected to be available later this year. A third cohort (high dose formulation) is expected to enter clinical testing in late 2016.


Barriers to Effective Glaucoma Treatment

It is estimated that only half of the over 2.2 million Americans who have glaucoma know they have it.1 Glaucoma is not curable and once there is vision loss, it cannot be regained. With an early diagnosis and effective medication it is possible to stop further loss of vision, but patient adherence to the medication is a constant challenge and is recognized as an essential component to treatment.  Several factors, including difficulty of self-administering or remembering to administer eye-drops, inconvenient or frequent dosing – once daily, if not more – and unpleasant side effects, have been identified as contributing to poor glaucoma patient pharmacotherapy. 2,3,4,5

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