Our Culture


We believe The PRINT® technology has the potential to transform the world around us. Our company is using cutting edge science to develop products that could change the way the medical community improves patient outcomes and quality-of-life, even the way it prevents and treats ocular disease. Our employees have an enormous opportunity to influence not only the success of our company, but also patients’ lives.

We have five important values – Excellence, Results, Innovation, Passion and Community – that form the foundation of our culture and guide the way we make key scientific, business and organizational decisions.

Individually, each value is important, but collectively they form the basis of a culture that emphasizes and rewards the kind of collaborative thinking that has made our company truly transformative. Our employees demonstrate many of these values on a daily basis and in a variety of ways.

We also recognize that in order to be successful, results are imperative. Our company consists of a cross-functional team that drives results by working together across multiple areas of expertise with a common goal.

Our community is also integral to who we are and how we operate. Employee-driven volunteer efforts reflect our desire to give back to causes that are important to our surrounding community and contribute to a fun and vibrant culture. Staying connected with our extended community is equally important, which is why we participate in local and global scientific and business conferences in an effort to contribute to the scientific and economic growth of our industry.

Our Culture
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